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Runway Masterpiece by Aleksander Gliwinski Baltic Amber Sterling Silver Statement Necklace


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This Amber Necklace is from Famous Polish Amber Jewelry Designer Aleksander Gliwinski

We are so fortunate to have this classic trademark necklace by Aleksander Gliwinski!

He is an exquisite artist who uses the finest high value hand-cut amber Baltic Amber Stones

This is a runway show-piece that can be worn with pride.

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Necklace hangs approx. 7" long (1 amber stone measures approx. 1.5" wide and 1/2 thick)

Neckline is approx. 22" long.

Stones: Amber

Length: 22"

Width: Pendant drop 7" long ( 1 amber stone measures 1.5" wide and 12mm thick)

Material: .925 Silver

Made in: Poland