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Earthstone Collection

Earthstone Collection
Magnificent Carved Turquoise, Smoky and Lemon Quartz Sterling Silver Lion Statement Necklace
Vibrant Turquoise Sterling Silver Earrings
From $50.00 - $60.00
Sunset Purple Plum Moukaite Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace
Gorgeous Colorful Turquoise and Coral 3 Strand Statement Necklace
Delicate Drops of Coral Sterling Silver Necklace
Beautiful Emerald Green Agate Flower Gold Marcasite Necklace
Stunning Sedona Agate Carnelian Sterling Silver Statement Necklace
Incredible Black and White Jasper Sterling Silver Statement Necklace
Gorgeous Mixed Gemstones in a Long Sterling Silver Statement Necklace 42"
Spectacular Malachite Sterling Silver Necklace
From $79.00 - $89.00
Adorable Jasper Fish Sterling Silver Pendant necklace
Glamorous Long Gemstone Gold Filled Statement Necklace 40"
Dramatic Plum Mookaite on Freshwater Pearl Neckline Sterling Silver Necklace
Contemporary Baltic Cognac Amber Gold Plated Silver Statement Earrings
Beautiful Stripped Rose Agate Sterling Silver Statement Earrings
Beautiful Green Agate Sterling Silver Earrings
Beautiful Green Agate Sterling Silver Statement Earrings
Beautiful Blue Agate Gold Filled Statement Earrings
Gorgeous Long Blue Agate Sterling Silver Statement Earrings
Golden Yellow Agate Statement Earrings
Beautiful Red Branch Bamboo Coral Silver Plated Chain Necklace