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Starburst Moukaite and Citrine Sterling Silver Statement Earrings


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Moukaite and Citrine Sterling Silver Earrings

Moukaite can be any color from pink, red and yellow and a mixture of all. It s a type of jasper and comes from Australia.

For the full look: get the Pendant EAPD090920-01 and Bracelet EABR100920-08 or EABR100920-10 

Due to the inherent nature of natural stones the stones will differ in size, shape, color & pattern.

Stones: Moukaite, Citrine

Dimensions: Moukaite stone is approx. 3/4" long x 1/2" wide

Length: Earrings hang approx. 1 3/4"

Material: .925 Sterling Silver

Made in: India

*Due to inherent nature of natural stones, colors, shapes and size may vary